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Kristin Scanlon, LMFT-QS

Serving florida, specializing in trauma, adoptions, physical l and chronic health disorders, sexual assault/abuse/recovery, & Christian Counseling.

Kristin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Qualified Supervisor, a graduate of Nova Southeastern University, receiving a Masters in Family Therapy with a focus on Family Systems Healthcare/Medical Family Therapy. Her experience as a therapist has taken place in various settings, such as crisis stabilization, substance use, the school system, the prison system, and child welfare. She primarily works in the foster care system specializing in trauma and abuse in children and adolescents, child welfare, adoption, and transitions. Her preferred therapeutic approach is narrative therapy, though it varies from case to case. Just as each client differs, so does her approach. She utilizes interventions from various modalities to fit the client’s individual needs best–a “create your own pizza” approach per se. Throughout the course of therapy, we collaboratively create a new narrative, a story in which change is attainable, and life can look different. Kristin believes in healing broken relationships and empowering people to create healthy changes. When she’s not at work, you can find her taking naps, going to the beach (maybe even napping at the beach), going to Disney World, watching Netflix, reading memoirs, baking (or trying to), with her fur baby Maslow, and spending time with friends.

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Ready to start building towards wholeness, to feel seen, heard, and understood?

Y(our) first step to book a Strategy Session with Kristin

What’s a Strategy Session?

A 30-minute  telehealth session with y(our) wellness professional, during which time you’ll discuss what’s bringing you to this portion of y(our) healing journey, & the three core aspects you’d like to address, then come up with y(our) own set of goals. During y(our) session, we’ll explore:

  • You may be here and feel like issues others once told you about you’re beginning to see but have no real clue how to address or make those adjustments 
  • Or maybe you started hearing y(our) -insert person’s name: title here, words or negative sentiments towards you in y(our) own voice
  • Or you’ve finally made it in y(our) career/creative/entrepreneurial journey and remain unfulfilled.
  • Gain insight on what’s possible with therapy 
  • A brief overview of where you are now, what got you here and where you want to go.
  • Decide where you would like to focus first
  • Decide on y(our) goals and how you’ll recognize milestones to achieving them. 
  • Determine ways to avoid former behaviors and maintain new behaviors.

You’ll leave with y(our) Personal Progression Plan – y(our) top three wellness goals and a plan for the frequency of y(our) sessions. 

Ready to start building towards wholeness, feel seen, heard, and understood?

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