Hey there! We have been waiting for you! We are so excited you are one of the RARE people who have decide to choose themselves, their family, and OUR commUNITY by choosing to heal.

Come on in, put your feet up take your cape off, get ready to be seen, heard, and understood! Here at SW Social Support (SWSS) we are where everyone’s go-to person finds someone they can go to and we are elated you decided to come to us!

about SwsS

Founded in 2018, as a solo practice by Jessica F.B. Jefferson- The Superhero’s Therapist, a first-generation American-Haitian, Pentecostal Apostolic Christian & veteran’s wife, who desired to fill in a gap in our commUNITY and meet the need to provide a space where other healers and helpers felt welcome to heal.  As a boutique practice responding to communal trauma, she supported other therapists, first responders, and clergy persons who despite adversity and personal challenges continued to choose commUNITY. She wanted them to have a safe place to run into, as they’ve made a living running into places and situations everyone else is trying to escape. 

The need for healing in other areas of the commUNITY was evident and in 2019 she expanded to a multi-cultural multi-ethnic group practice to meet the needs of the commUNITY as a WHOLE, with clinicians who were representative of the issues other commUNITY members were facing. We ARE where everyone’s go-to person finds someone they can go to.

We are a full-service multi-ethnic multi-cultural group private practice located in Sunny South Florida, we pride ourselves on being specialists in our respective fields and niches, meaning we ONLY do what we are GOOD at!

All of our clinicians specialize in different life experiences and work within our multidisciplinary approach, where we have the benefit of working in a team, to address any issues that may arise in your work with them, to ensure that you are getting the best care.  We work tirelessly to improve our craft so when we sit before you & or your loved one, we are equipped to walk alongside you in your journey to healing, as WHOLE commUNITYs are our goal.

We believe if as individuals, couples, parents, and families work on being WHOLE in their respective roles we will eventually have WHOLE commUNITYs. Our unique approach of having clinicians from all walks of life and all disciplines, life experiences, and cultures allow us to meet and reflect what is happening in our commUNITY.

We provide telehealth (online therapy) to the entire state of Florida. We work with individuals, couples, and families. We accept some insurances and EAPs. As well as supervision towards licensure, keynotes, mental health and wellness seminars, to the commUNITY.


We offer therapy from master’s level and licensed clinicians, focusing on whole individuals, to build whole couples, and raise whole families, with the aim to have a whole commUNITY. 

Each session type begins with a 30 minute strategy session. During your strategy session you and your assigned therapist will review what you desire to work on and how together you all can work to achieve those goals. At the close of the Strategy Session you and your therapist will have completed a Personal Progression Plan, of 3 goals you plan to address at the onset of treatment, as well as agreeing on the frequency of sessions. Here at SWSS we prefer to see our clients every week for the first 4 weeks, to continue to assess and build rapport; but are more concerned with meeting you where you are and working at the pace that is comfortable for you than we will decide what is best for you.

Ready to start building towards wholeness, feel seen, heard, and understood? Book your Strategy Session today!

Individual Therapy

45 Minutes per session

Couples Therapy

90 Minutes per session

Family Therapy

90 Minutes per session
Licensure Supervision




CLinical executive officer// owner

Jessica F.B. Jefferson, LCSW-QS



CLinical Director// Administrative Lead

Romilla Petit-Homme, LMHC-QS


Adejare McMillan, MA


Jelessa McMillain, LCSW


Kristin Scanlon, LMFT


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We look forward to serving you. Please send us any questions you may have.

If you have insurance, please upload your photo ID, and the front and back of your insurance card. If you are using an EAP, please input your authorization #, so that we may verify your benefits and advise if there. is a co-pay or any out of pocket responsibility to you as well as assuring we are in network with your plan.