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About Soul Wellness, Social Support & Therapeutic Services

Connecting BIPOC People to BIPOC Wellness Professionals

We val-you commUNITY, ComPASSION, & CONNECTion. We honor that we often experience trauma communally but heal in silos. We have compassion for where both our clients and wellness professionals have been and where they are going. Furthermore, we believe in Connection otherwise known as social support, the concept that we are all walking the journey of healing together, hence the (OUR) in y(our) being in parentheses, since our BIPOC wellness professionals are doing the hard work of healing in tangent. We are a Haitian women-owned and led mental, emotional, and communal wellness collective headquartered in Florida.


Journey with US, in CONNECTion, CommUNITY, & ComPASSION!


Be accepted & supported in y(our) healing process with help from wellness professionals that look like you.


You don't have to do it all alone.


Compassion for where you are, where you've been and every "where" in between.


It is our mission to connect people to wellness professionals who are like them in language, culture, and experience to create inclusive places where BIPOC people can feel seen, heard, valued, respected and most of all belong.


It is our vision to bring therapy and wellness outside the therapy room. We bring wellness initiatives and our wellness collective to y(our) commUNITY by connecting with governments, municipalities, agencies, and educational institutes. Our wellness professionals provide skills and tools to address wellness, trauma, and grief in y(our) leadership teams, employees, and those you serve.


We are building a national wellness collective of BIPOC wellness professionals to meet the needs of the BIPOC commUNITY.

According to Mental Health America, 41.8% of the US population identify as BIPOC, yet only 4.1% of therapists are BIPOC, and of those, 86% have a waitlist.

The need for culturally, ethnocentric, and linguistically matched therapists & wellness professionals continues to rise. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in the US and the MOST preventable.

We are building this wellness collective for you, the person who needs a place to walk y(our) healing journey. You remain the expert of y(our) life and partner with a wellness professional who serves as a subject matter expert. Together you co-curate a wellness journey you can walk together step by step.

We launched this initiative to provide both the wellness professional and person seeking wellness services with a marked increase in quality of life. Wellness Professionals earn a fair living wage, enjoy a work-life balance, and CONNECT to our commUNITY of BIPOC wellness professionals!

Soul Wellness Collective

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