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Serving Residents of DE, FL, MN, NJ, and VA.


Serving FL & SC, specializing in couples, school personnel and administration, adults, transition issues and communication. 

Providing Services in English and Spanish.

Joset is a Licensed Social Worker in FL and SC. Specializing in relationships with self and others. Specializes in effective communication and advocacy. She works with couples and matters of the heart. When relationships are filled with uncertainty and lack of clarity, the source of disagreements and differences will overshadow the things we love and like about our partners or result in separation.

Miscommunication within families during the children’s teen years poses challenges and causes conflict. Emotional upheaval experienced by new immigrants and refugees due to differences in language, culture, and expectations. Individuals in situations like these don’t need to be rescued but need commUNITY and someone to walk with them o their healing journey outside resources can often mean a significant improvement in quality of life. Joset guides her clients through personal issues such as anger management, depression, parenting, self-image, relational problems, acclimation of immigrant families, and stress regulation. There is no need to go through life difficulties on your own. She’s here and dedicated to your health and wellness.

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Ready to start building towards wholeness, to feel seen, heard, and understood?

Y(our) first step to book a Strategy Session with Joset

What’s a Strategy Session?

A 30-minute  telehealth session with y(our) wellness professional, during which time you’ll discuss what’s bringing you to this portion of y(our) healing journey, & the three core aspects you’d like to address, then come up with y(our) own set of goals. During y(our) session, we’ll explore:

  • You may be here and feel like issues others once told you about you’re beginning to see but have no real clue how to address or make those adjustments 
  • Or maybe you started hearing y(our) -insert person’s name: title here, words or negative sentiments towards you in y(our) own voice
  • Or you’ve finally made it in y(our) career/creative/entrepreneurial journey and remain unfulfilled.
  • Gain insight on what’s possible with therapy 
  • A brief overview of where you are now, what got you here and where you want to go.
  • Decide where you would like to focus first
  • Decide on y(our) goals and how you’ll recognize milestones to achieving them. 
  • Determine ways to avoid former behaviors and maintain new behaviors.

You’ll leave with y(our) Personal Progression Plan – y(our) top three wellness goals and a plan for the frequency of y(our) sessions. 

Ready to start building towards wholeness, feel seen, heard, and understood?

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