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Do you remember the shape sorting games we used to play with as kids? You know, the ones with the different colored shapes and matching holes that each shape fit in? Do you remember the one kid who was always trying to shove a shape in a spot it didn’t belong? Were you that kid? I was.

I was always determined to get the square in the round hole. I just knew I could make it work. But instead of hearing, “Wow, Jess! That was so creative!” I was told in so many different ways, “That’s not how it’s done.”

 The world is black and white, and we’re either right or wrong. But not everyone fits into the same mold; some of us stand out. As a superhero, you’re one of the ones who goes above and beyond, doesn’t accept the norm, and stands out among peers for being the one that others can look to and rely on to save the day.

 Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a superhero. If you’re the go-to person in your circle, the one who always has it all together or figures out how to grow through what you go through—the Fix-It Felix in this Wreck-It Ralph world—you are, by all means, an everyday superhero. But what happens when it all becomes too much?

 Maybe, like me, you’ve encountered the perpetual superhero struggle: you’ve become a yes (wo)man, always answering the call to save the day, while continuously feeling unseen, unheard, and undervalued…. and no one gets it. You can’t fathom hanging up your cape or saying no when you see the beacon in the sky summoning your help for fear that the world as you know it may fall apart. But now, your cape has holes in it from the times someone close to you punched through it. It is frayed from overuse, torn by broken trust, and singed by the burns of disappointment. It’s heavier than ever and has been weighing you down for longer than you can remember.

 But wait! You are a super successful (insert your many titles, professional and personal accomplishments here). No one expects to see superheroes struggle. Remember this: You are human first, hero second.  

It takes a lot to admit to yourself that this cape that once was an attribute of who you are is now the shining definition of who you have to be. But when you pull down the pretense and embrace transparency, you’ll begin to feel strong in your own skin again—no cape required.

It was your hero-size heart that drove you to find solutions and make things work, even when the world said it couldn’t be done. You stood out among others and soon found yourself being hailed as the hero they needed—but in your humanity struggling to hold everything together. And then the worst part… the fear that when they find out that you are only human, you’ll lose it all—your status, friends, relationships, job—everything that holds you together.

 But what if, when you’re brave enough to own your humanity and share it with transparency, you find yourself surrounded by others who will rally around you because they relate to your reality? What if you come to realize you’re not the only superhero who has fallen victim to the struggle, and that there’s an entire community of heroes searching for healing, just like you, and you can all get better together?

 That’s exactly what I’m curating here. SW Social Support is a safe space built on three pillars: humanity, transparency and community. We specialize in mental healthcare for superheroes and offer therapy with you in focus. Here, you and your fellow superheroes can take your cape off, turn your feelings on and speak with transparency about your humanity in a community that cares.

With that being said, now that we’ve gotten to know each other a bit more, kick your shoes off, take your glasses off, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let’s rediscover your superhero strength!

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