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Who Are We?

At Soul Wellness, Social Support, & Therapeutic Services, we get how hard it is to be marginalized (even in healing) and we’ve been where you are. That’s why we’ve curated an inclusive practice with a multidisciplinary, culturally-competent team of wellness professionals ready to help you on your journey of self-discovery.


Hear this – nothing about you needs to be toned down or silenced! You deserve to be seen, heard, valued, respected, and most of all belong in a commUNITY of those who are wanting to see you heal and win.


We believe that when we heal individually, we help heal our commUNITY collectively. We’re trauma interrupters – cycle stoppers who refuse to pass down trauma as culture – and we’ve curated a safe space to have an uninhibited experience of healing.


Listen, being grown is hard work. It’s hard when others see you as “put together” but inside you feel like you’re falling apart. You know you need support, but you’re having a hard time finding someplace where you can JUST. BE. YOURSELF.


We provide a place where you can feel like you belong.


So book a strategy session ➡️ work your plan ➡️ and get to feeling better. 


Sound like a place you would like to work?

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Can you picture yourself making a global impact?

Want to give back to you commUNITY, and grow financially, professionally, and personally? Looking for CONNEction, a family culture where you are no longer in a silo or position where you do not get to think for yourself or create an environment for you and those you serve that mirrors your values? Want to be a business owner/entrepreneur but have no desire to do all of the entrepreneurial things, but MUST have the flexibility? Want to be in a place where comPASSION for where people have been and where they are going both matter and inform every decision made?

SOUL WELLNESS, SOCIAL SUPPORT, & THERAPEUTIC SERVICES (SWSSS&TS) has created this culture and we are currently looking to partner with wellness professional to partner with us to change the way wellness services are delivered and how people from different disciplines co-work through the creation of wellness collectives, similarly to the medical model of being a one-stop-shop for wellness. Whether you are a psychotherapist, doula, dr, homeopathy provider, speaker, trainer, consultant or advocate, we want to partner with you to make a global impact on mental, emotional, physical, and soul wellness for people of color.

What our Wellness Professionals say about our Wellness Collective:

Adejare McMillan, The TJ Therapist

According to our team, one team member shared they decided to partner with us because, “I never really felt as if I work FOR you… I often feel as though I work WITH you,” and they have stayed, because of, “the increasingly more pointed direction and dedication to heritage, culture, and their significance in achieving and maintaining health… is what’s important about SWSS (to me).  That and our commitment to being as human as the humans we help.”

Kristin Scanlon, LMFT

Another team member shared, that they partnered with SWSS&TS and said, “aside from hustling, because I support your values and mission in therapy,” they went on to share that, “it’s not cookie-cutter therapy. It’s showing up in a meaningful way. I align with the mission of SWSS and its purpose. Seeing commUNITY mental work which is focused on productivity through how many people we can see and bill, it’s an opportunity to enact meaningful change through quality services.”

The SWSS difference

SOUL WELLNESS, SOCIAL SUPPORT, & THERAPEUTIC SERVICES (SWSSS&TS) has had the distinct pleasure of helping other Wellness Professionals launch and scale their own private practices, have had others fulfill their dreams of being well rounded trauma-informed Social Workers & Police Officers, or pursue impactful positions at various learning institutions and NGO’s as a result of the foundation laid and or reinforced during their tenure with SWSS&TS.

They have shared that some of their greatest takeaways are to:

  • make every space they enter an affinity space
  • practice acceptance for those whose journeys differ from their own
  • Diversity of thought mind and practice

You are OUR ideal Wellness Collective member if:

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Wellness Professional

You are our ideal fit to join the SWSS&TS family if you are independently licensed to provide wellness services in your respective industry & jurisdiction. Can dedicate at LEAST 10 hours of billable client-facing time per week, whether in person, online, or through a hybrid model. Will keep our company culture, values, norms, and commitment to healing communally. Are willing to niche down and create a target ideal client, and continue to hone/develop skills to serve in excellence with integrity. Are open to working collaboratively with people with different lifestyles specialization and disciplines than you.